Changed Lives!

The impact of FHI’s Activities on the Disabled

FHI has affected many disadvantaged people with disabilities and their parents/families for better and has brought about many developments to their schools to enhance teaching and learning. Examples are:

- Over 150 deaf children, who would have not been able to get access to education due to their parents/guardians negative attitudes/ignorance or poverty, are now being sponsored at their special schools under FHI Child Sponsored Program. The parents/guardians have now realised the benefit of education in the lives of their children/wards.

- Public awareness created on matters affecting the welfare, education and training of the disabled.

- A considerable percentage (about 35%) of the public’s negative attitudes towards the disabled has been changed through FHI sponsored programs on the Television, Radio and through Schools PTA Meetings and communities forum.

- Over 450 needy parents’/guardians’ economic constraints have been relieved with their children/wards being the beneficiaries under the FHI Child Sponsorship Program

- Over 50 JSS/SSS graduates and skilled disabled are now gainfully self-employed as carpenters, tailors, shoemakers, batik, tie and dye in small scale industry

- About 20 parents/guardians have increased living standards following Income Generating Activity

- Over 400 students, management and staff of Cape Coast School for the Deaf have become computer-literate and around 50% of them have secured employment through the Internet

- Parents and guardians of the deprived disabled children are now taking a serious, positive look into their children/wards general welfare, education and training

- National literacy has increased in computer awareness and/or skills

- National unemployment reduced

- Confidence-building in the handicapped helps them project a more positive image of themselves at all levels into the society without feeling dejected, repressed, depressed or disintegrated.

These are great achievements of which we are proud. They brought about productivity for the students and self supporting and no more liability on parents or society. Because of job creation, less disabled people have to resort to begging. The general public having recognised the potentials in the disabled and their usefulness in the society have started changing positively towards them.

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