What is FHI?

FHI is a christian humanitarian, relief and development organisation which shares the love and compassion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with handicapped people. The people we work with are deaf or hearing impaired, blind, physically challenged, crippled and/or mentally ill. People whose development, education, training and well-being are often neglected - for these people we help to provide education, training and personal development to allow them to take their place in society with dignity.

FHI currently has more than 500 beneficiaries, of which over 150 children are Sponsored Children in nursery, primary, junior and senior secondary schools - all of whom would probably not have been able to receive an education either through their physical condition or poverty. We took the initiative to comb through their various villages, identify, enrol and sponsor them into their special schools.

These children depend solely on FHI and receive direct educational materials such as school uniform, house/chapel dresses, text/exercise books, shoes/sandals, boarding facilities like beds, foam mattress, payment for their PTA and school levies and other personal belongings throughout their period of schooling.

This work is funded solely by donations from generous sponsors around the world. It costs around US$350 to enrol a fresh child for the first term in school - can you help us?

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