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Under normal circumstances, children are expected to start pre-school education around the age of three but due to the condition of children with disabilities, Cape Coast School for the Deaf admits children aged between six and ten to start Pre-Nursery/Nursery. Pupils are taken through a course of three years duration.

As is characteristic of nursery education the immediate objective of the department is to develop and sustain in children the love and desire for formal school work. The varying experiences they go through prepare them (among other things) to:

- become psychologically stable to accept their handicap and live with it
- identify and recite the English and vernacular alphabets as well as numerals
- develop speech and speech reading
- combine a few of the alphabets to form simple words
- stay physically healthy through games and exercises
- match simple objects with their names
- master the left-right co-ordination in reading and writing
- cultivate healthy interpersonal relationship and healthy relationship with the physical

Owing to the children’s defective hearing, teachers in the department try as much as possible to use real objects during lessons. Other common teaching/learning aids include counters, jigsaw puzzles, bottle tops and pictures. Among the general personal qualities expected of any effective teachers, the department puts premium on tolerance, patience, love and empathy.

Some basic problems in the Department include:

- the very slow rate at which children pick up sign language
- inadequate play materials
- insufficient teaching/learning materials
- lack of orientation and/or refresher courses for teachers and teaching assistants
- non-availability of body-worn hearing aids
- lack of speech training unit.

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